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Topic 1 Distinguished Artists

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May: Hey, Gucci. I didn't know it would be a charity show. You can see there are many collecting boxes at the entrance.

Gucci: Oh, I forgot to tell you this. The show is to collect money for children in need. And all the money from ticket selling will go to the Red Cross.

May: That's really a good thing. Let's do our part.

Gucci: Good idea.

May: Who will sing in the show?

Gucci: A lot of stars, including Andy, Justin, Mendy…

May: Mendy? Are you sure? I love her songs!

Gucci: Me too. She is so young and talented. She is not only a singer but also a great composer herself.

May: Yeah. Though she was so popular, I heard she managed to maintain a low profile.

Gucci: She is a real star. Not a onetime thing.

May: But I also heard some people didn't like her music. I don't understand why. She is so amazing!

Gucci: Well, I suppose people have different tastes on music. Moreover, here stuff is really strong and creative. It takes time for people to accept new things.

May: You are right. Anyway, things will be different as the days go on. She can get it. I have faith in her.

Gucci: Sure. That makes a good fan. Do you know what songs she is gonna sing tonight?

May: Here is the programme. Check it out yourself!

Gucci: OK.


阿美: 嗨,古奇。我没想到这会是一场慈善演出哦。你在入口处可以看到好多捐款箱。

古奇: 哦,我忘记告诉你这个了。这场演出是为了给贫困儿童捐款。所有的门票收入都会转到红十字会去。

阿美: 这可真是一件大好事。我们也出一份力吧。

古奇: 好啊。

阿美: 有谁会来演唱呢?

古奇: 有好多明显呢,包括安迪,贾斯汀、曼迪……

阿美: 曼迪?你确定吗?我最爱她的歌了!

古奇: 我也是。她这么年轻却才华横溢。她不只是一位歌手,而且还是一名优秀的作曲家呢。

阿美: 是啊。尽管她那么红,我听说她还保持低调呢。

古奇: 她是真正的明星,绝非昙花一现。

阿美: 可是我听说也有人不喜欢她的音乐哦。我真的不理解为什么。她是那么的棒!

古奇: 这个啊,我觉得每个人的音乐品味都不一样。而且,她的音乐很强势也很有创造性。人们需要时间去接纳新事物嘛。

阿美: 你说得没错。不过,以后一定会改变的。她可以让大家都喜欢她。我对她有信心。

古奇: 当然。这才是合格的粉丝啊。你知道她今晚会唱什么歌曲吗?

阿美: 这是节目单。你自己看看吧。

古奇: 好的。

经典背诵 Recitation

May: Gucci and I went to a charity show tonight, which was to collect money for the children in need. A lot of stars sang in the show, including my favorite singer Mendy, whose songs I loved very much. Even though she is great, there are still some people who don't like her songs. Maybe, it's because her stuff is too new and creative. It takes time for people to accept her. But I believe her day will come soon.


distinguished adj. 卓著的

the Red Cross 红十字会

composer n. 作曲家

low profile 低调

onetime adj. 一次性的

faith n. 信心

语素 Material

The Grammy is considered to be the most prestigious music award. Awards are given in about ninety categories ranging from “Best Album of the Year” to “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” and the like. The Grammy is the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position. Till now, it has been celebrated 48 years, and it contributed a lot to American culture.


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